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Achievements & Celebration

All our pupil achievements can be found on this page, just click on the topic you would like to view:

Attendance Cup Winners

The current holders are:

3SS, who achieved 98.6% for the week 25.04.16 - 29.04.16.

Congratulations 3SS! Can another class beat them next week?


Pupil of the Week

Here are our Pupils of the Week from the week 7th March - 11th March, and a quote from each of them about what they have enjoyed doing at school recently:

  • Ebony Millar (3SD) - "I enjoyed learning about Roman numerals, and unlocking the box and solving the problem."
  • Holly Cleveland (3EA) - "I liked taking the register, and learning about time."
  • Buddy Brewer (3SS) - "I really enjoyed learning about time in maths as I used to find it difficult."
  • Isabel Parker (4EB) - "I enjoyed watching the disappearing plastic experiment happen."
  • Ruby Baker (4ER) - "I've enjoyed writing my own newspaper article."
  • Harry Wemyss (4LM) - "I've enjoyed learning about angles in maths."

Our winners from the week 29th February - 4th March:

  • Harley Clarke (3SD) - "I enjoyed the experiment with the flame. I predicted it was going to do that."
  • Rocco De Jean (3EA) - "I enjoyed doing fractions and a helping a friend."
  • Cameron Long (3SS) - "I liked putting my hands into an endothermic reaction in science - it was freezing!"
  • Billy Jay (4ER) - "I've really enjoyed science week because we learnt about endothermic and exothermic reactions."
  • Thomas Rix (4EB) - "I have enjoyed playing football in P.E."
  • Jacob Quin (4LM) - "I have learnt what exothermic and endothermic reactions are."

We are delighted to announce our first Lower School Accelerated Reader 'Word Millionaires' of the year!


Congratulations to:

  •      Tessa Nittu (4LM)      
  • Diya Binoy (4ER)
  • Jack Carr (4LM)


What a fantastic achievement! Well done to all of you!

Keep checking back for award winners throughout the year.


LifeLong Learning Achievements - Resilience Certificates

We believe that if children are going to become successful learners, they will also need to develop a number of learning skills alongside their knowledge and understanding across the curriculum. We have identified 6 'Lifelong Learning Skills'; for more information, please see the 'Our Curriculum' page here.

This half term we are focusing upon resilience and, each week, teachers from different year groups are looking out for children who have demonstrated impressive resilience in school in a range of ways and celebrating with them in assemblies.

So far this term, our certificates for resilience pupils have been award to:

Year 3:

  • Frankie Long
  •  Frankie Laidlaw-Huggins
  • Joshua Hares

Year 4:

  • Xander Hill
  • Phoebe Hurren
  • Keisha Claxton

We are really proud of all of them and of the many other children who display these skills.

Keep checking back for award winners throughout the year.

Lower School - World Book Day potatoes!

Our winners are:

1st place: Zach “Mr Messy”

2 runners up: Daphne “Winnie and Wilbur”

and Kaitlyn “3 Little Pigs and the Wolf”


Staff winner: Mrs Crosby “Harry Potter”


Lower School - World Book Day Writing Challenge

The children were challenged to write a story in either 250 or 500 words.

Our winners are:

1st place: Dylan Gook

2 runners up: Ashanti Mane and Lily-May Cresswell

The Winners received a £10 Book Token and the Runners up a £5 Book Token

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