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Lifelong Learning Skills

'Responsibility' certificates awarded - Summer Term

'Resilience' certificates awarded - Spring Term

We believe that if children are going to become successful learners, they will also need to develop a number of learning skills alongside their knowledge and understanding across the curriculum. We have identified 6 'Lifelong Learning Skills'; for more information, please see the 'Our Curriclum' page here.

This half term we are focusing upon responsibility and, each week, teachers from different year groups are looking out for children who have demonstrated impressive responsibility in school in a range of ways and celebrating with them in assemblies.

Responsibility Awards:                       Year 3:                                         Year 4:

                                                                 Sophie Moughton                       Sam Coman

                                                                  Lucy Downs                                 Billy Jay

                                                                  Evie Banham                               Isabel Parker


Resilience Awards:

Year 3:

Frankie Long

Frankie Laidlaw-Huggins

Joshua Hares

Year 4:

Xander Hill

Phoebe Hurren

Keisha Claxton


We are really proud of all of them and of the many other children who display these skills.

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