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About Us

Our Vision

At Cliff Park Junior School, our aim is to create a learning community where learning for all is fun, to develop a culture and environment of challenge, where achievement, at all levels, is valued and celebrated. We believe in creating a safe, happy and healthy environment where children can feel positive about themselves and the school. Everyone is encouraged to value and respect one another and the environment. Through our broad, balanced and creative curriculum we ensure high standards of teaching and learning that enable all pupils to reach their full potential.

Cliff Park Junior School is a community school for children in the 7-11 age range. We have an admission limit of 90 and a total of 360 children on roll. The school is part of the East Anglia Schools Trust, an academy partnership of the Cliff Park Infant and Cliff Park Junior School. Children normally move to Cliff Park Junior School from Cliff Park Infant School in the September after their seventh birthday.

 We are committed to providing teaching and learning experiences that are enjoyable, challenging and relevant to the needs of each individual.

Pupils have opportunities to learn independently and to develop their own creative ideas, and celebrating success is essential to our school family. Indeed, we seek to recognise and celebrate all successes (both inside and outside of school).

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On April 1st 2013 Cliff Park Infant and Cliff Park Junior Schools became academies.

This means:

We are no longer controlled by Norfolk County Council and receive funding direct from the Government.

The Schools are now run by an Academy Trust Board named East Anglia Schools Trust.

This means that we have the freedom to shape our schools and site to best meet the needs of our children, families and local community.

So how does this affect our children, families, staff and community?

Time will be taken to look at all areas of school life to make sure that children in both schools make the best possible progress and achieve the very best they can.

The Infant School and Junior School remain as separate schools, although there is one board of directors (replacing the two governing bodies) responsible for progress and improvement in both schools.

The partnership between the two schools is extremely close, ensuring that policies and procedures are the same, as well as developing a curriculum to inspire and allow all to be included.

Cliff Park Junior School adopts and follows the guidance on Public Sector Equality. For more information on the policy please click below.

Department for Education Information

You can find our Department for Education school details and information here.

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