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Special Educational Needs

Special Educational Needs
If we find that a child is not making the progress we expect, we will talk to parents and work together to help the child.
A child may need extra help for educational, personal, behavioural or social needs.
Parents will always be consulted and kept fully informed at every stage of the process.
When a child has additional needs to enable them to make progress, they will be supported in class and may also be given additional intervention outside the core curriculum learning time.  For those with specific learning needs, an Individual Education Plan (IEP) may be drawn up for the child, including ideas to help parents to support their child at home.
If this is not making the difference, we may ask a member of our school support team for an assessment, which will include recommendations for moving forward.
In a few cases, a child’s needs may require a more formal assessment. This may lead to a Statement of Special Educational Needs. This includes all of the child’s needs and the special support that will be provided.
We also identify children of very high academic ability, or who have a particular talent in sport or music, for example. A Gifted and Talented Programme will provide activities and approaches to meet the learning needs of these children.
Disabled Access
The school has a Single Equality Scheme and a Disability Equality Scheme and Access Plan. Copies can be requested from school or viewed on the school website.
We work hard to ensure that all children have equal access to learning opportunities in the school.
Major improvements in the school include:
             Recruitment of an Inclusion Manager who has responsibility for Special                              Educational Needs provision and inclusion             
             Lift access to the first floor
             Improved wheelchair access around the first floor teaching and learning areas
             Disabled toilets on the ground and first floors
             Installation of a Soundfield System in identified class and assembly hall for                        children with hearing loss 
             An SEN meeting room, for professionals meetings, small group work and for                      carrying out pupil assessments and parent consultations





  1. 2012-07-11 CPJS Special Educational Needs Policy